Seema Jha Should Win X-Factor India 2011

by Baba

As you may know or not, i love music much as most of you do and specially bollywood because it touches me. (I understand it better ?)… I rarely miss any reality show and can fairly judge talent of folks. Watching all these shows since 1990s i am now good enough to at least figure out who should be top. However, the choices are personal. Some will love something and the other will hate it. What matters is the majority. However, when voting system is there we rarely get the best result.

seema Jha

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Lets take an example : Prasant Tamang wins Indian Idol. WTF is that ? He shouldn’t have been in top 10 position (According to the talent) but he kept getting votes. Voting was not done on basis of his talent but on basis of nationality, his profession etc.

X-Factor india has made good decision. Bottom two will perform on face off and 1 will eliminated on basis of that particular day’s performance but this time Judges will vote. :) This will make sure best singers won’t get eliminated. 9Which is fair enough). Sonu Nigam gave very good example of fair judgement by out voting his own team member Piyush last time. (Though he should have stayed there). His performance that day may not be good enough but he was damn good singer.  I am sure he will do something great in future. I suspect he will be the only one that didn’t cry after being eliminated. Truly, i don’t remember anyone else. He is bold and lets hope will rock soon !!

Come to the point, Seema Jha !! What a talent she has. Shreya was just 14 r old (I think) when she won Saregamapa in 1995-96 ?? Seema Jha should win the x-factor 1011 in similar way and enter into bollywood playback singing world.  She has every chance of becoming next Shreya. (Its really a tough ask though…:P).Her voice touches directly into the heart. There are few participants in X-Factor India 2011 show like Deewana Group, Nirmeeti, Sajda ! but when they are compared with Seema Jha, Seema gets +1 point everytime. There are 3 folks in Shreya’s team who are good upto now. But they should get eliminated one by one from now onwards. If they stay further then if will be unfair to other participants.

Lets not talk about all of the contestant right ? All of them has talent. By any mean i am not disrespecting their talent. I don’t show to sing, sur taal nothing. The only thing i know is music should touch out heart. By any way .. rap-hiphop-shastriya sangeet

Kartal Uncle ? He is still there ? Good to have old experienced guy of course. He is soo simple and cute and i think many  hot teen girls are voting for him lol. Trule, he is the cutest. (Imagine how he was @ age of 25). For me he can stary there for 2 more weeks. In coming week Geetsagar should be eliminated. Really guys, common…. On what basis are you voting ? You have kicked Piyush and Kept Geet ? Then it will be really tough !

Amit is best performer among all. All the groups are fine. Uncle should leave now. (I can tolerate him until top 3 though). Because no one is counting him as competitor.


Ah ! Seema Jha, cute naughty and simple girl (Till now).  In my personal opinion she should win the title. Its upto you guys to decide whom to vote for…

But please please leave your thoughts in the comment box below…