Backlink Snatcher 2.0 Review : BUYERS BEWARE!

by Baba

Avoid One of the Worst Internet Marketing Tools Ever Hyped Online

Friends, I hope we are all smart enough by now to know not to believe every product review we come across. In addition to the fake reviews by paid content writers there are those product reviews that are posted by an Affiliate Marketer who is also looking to profit. A little skepticism is called for when reading product reviews that contain nothing but glowing reports of perfection.

That being said, it will be readily apparent that this reviewer is not a paid content writer nor an Affiliate Marketer. I have the unfortunate privilege to be an actual buyer of Backlink Snatcher 2.0, and I am far too young to be sporting gray hairs like this because of the extreme frustration I endured while dealing with this poorly designed product and the most outrageously rude and unprofessional individual I have ever met in the internet marketing field, Abhi Dwivedi.

When I ran across a posting for this product on Forum Special Offer I was excited to read the hype about how much money I could make with this internet marketing tool. (I’ll be a lot more careful in the future about which forums I subscribe to.) The advertisement touts how I can use this tool to discover the backlinks of the top ranked websites for any keyword (words that should lead to my website) and then it would instantly analyze for me how those pages got their high rankings so I can copy the method and achieve the same kind of success.

Wow! Sounds great, doesn’t it? It isn’t really a new idea, of course. Products like Ahref and Majestiseo have been doing this for quite a while, but the cost is significant, plus they charge a monthly recurring fee for those tools. So I fell for the hype and bought the Backlink Snatcher 2.0. Sometimes, friends, it pays to spend the bigger bucks for the better product, because in my opinion this cheapo tool isn’t even worth two cents.

Although the installation went smoothly and interface was adequate, my very first test run proved to me that Backlink Snatcher 2.0 has now clue how to actually find backlinks at all, and that I don’t have enough time in my day to sit there waiting for this asinine tool that’s supposed to be “8x Faster than SEO Spyglass” to finish processing each step in its snail’s paced analysis.

My first search was for backlinks on my own website as a test, since I know the exact number of total backlinks on my website. To my complete and total surprise, the Backlink Snatcher 2.0 did not even show 30% of the backlinks that I know for a fact exist on this site! Some cutting edge software this turned out to be!

I don’t know why I had to choose the analysis method, and run each one separately to get a full report. Other tools combine the methods into one function. Regardless, after deciding that this product is just not going to work for me, I decided to rely upon the “Money Back Guarantee” and ask for my refund. In my opinion, any amount of money no matter how small- even just $27- is too much to waste on a worthless tool.

That’s when Abhi Dwivedi advised me that “processing too slowly” was “not sufficient reason to issue refund.” And when I replied to that he childishly closed my thread. Next I replied “You closed my thread without replying to my query.” My ticket was then deleted.

There’s never an excuse for poor customer service, except that one cannot face those who have been duped into spending their money on your falsely advertised product. To anyone who is seeking a valid internet marketing tool I recommend more reputable products such as  (Cheap and OK) , Majestico, or SEO Elite.

Note: This is HONEST Backlink Snatcher 2.0 Review by Baba Pandey.